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At our Salon, we provide a fun, elegant, and relaxing environment each and every day.


Enjoy our quality tanning beds, and get the tan look you’ve been waiting for!


Relax, and work on that perfect skin tone you've been looking for. It's quick, and it's easy! What are you waiting for?! Come see why we have been in business for 18 years!! BEST CUSTOM AIRBRUSHING IN TOWN! Even Book Online!

Check out our many services. We will keep you smiling, whether it be a Custom Airbrush or an AMAZING Tan in one of our Beds or Booths! Be sure to make an appointment today for that Airbrush!

Custom Airbrush

Our New Luxury Airbrush System, the Colosseum, is a heated tower with extraction of overspray to ensure the most comfortable tanning environment.

Ergoline 600

Our Ergoline 600 is equipped with immediate color bronzing lamps with only 2.5% UVB.

UWE Cayenne XTT

The Cayenne allows for a fully customized tanning session. 1000W facials filter out the burning rays and allow tanner to lower intensity 3 times with an off feature.


High Pressure Standup Booth

Our standup has 360 degrees of High Pressure blue halogen 1000 watt lamps with a 12 minute exposure time. Reflector lamps give immediate results. And large overhead fan cools this intense tanning session. Exclusive to the Mission Valley area, Sun & Spray has the only high pressure stand up. High Pressure lamps filter out the burning rays and allow even the fairest of tanners to be beautifully bronzed without the fear of burning. Since there is minimal UVB and no reddening. Your tan will be deeper and last longer!

Sundash 240GS

The 240GS has 40 lamps in a deep dish, full surround bed. Great for tanning sides and an upgrade from base beds. 15 minute session.

Ergoline Ambition

Need more vitamin D? Our level 2 base bed has a reflector lamp and higher levels of UVB to tap into those melanin reserves. This is a great bed to get a glow and then follow up with the cayenne or high pressure stand up to bronze you up.

Sundash 232

Popular base beds that we have set at 15 minutes with higher intensity lamps. Typically higher in UVB , great for the frequent tanner and melanin booster to the bronzing superbeds.


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